I teach, preach, write, own and operate a business, and do this and that to pay the bills that the business doesn’t seem to pay. Having my own website feels a little narcissistic, but I am an only child, so there you have it. Actually, I’ve been afraid of having a website and I didn’t want to be afraid of having a website. And they say (unclear who they is) you need to put yourself out there. Never mind that out there is vast and full of other people putting themselves out there. But we’re in a bit of a season right now, personally, and I could use a creative outlet, so here’s a website all about the things that interest me.

Nancy (you can find her blog here) and I live currently live in Portland, Oregon. Living here has been one part adventure, one part exile, one part delight, especially with summer (fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden and, oh my, those raspberries), and one part oppressive dreariness, with those dark and long grey days from fall to early spring. We have aspirations to live somewhere with more sun, but for now it appears to be the right place and the right time.


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