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Adventures in Classical Programming

by Glenn on August 24, 2017

When you program a concert of classical music, it’s tough to be creative. As an audience, we generally don’t like the unfamiliar—surprises can be dicey. A typical evening might be a short and upbeat piece to start out the evening, (…)

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John Williams and The Force Awakens

by Glenn on January 23, 2016

Our local Regal Cinemas has a $5 Tuesday night special, which was enough incentive to get us out of the house on a dark, cold, wet, and windy Portland evening (I guess we could just call it a Tuesday in (…)

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Addendum: Beethoven Symphony No. 5

by Glenn on November 15, 2015

I got into the car on Friday (30 October 2015) and apparently reached my saturation point on the amount of pledge drive talk I could handle on KMHD 89.9, the Portland jazz station. So I turned over to Portland All (…)

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Zubin Mehta and Saint-Saëns in the Berlin Phil Digital Concert Hall

by Glenn on September 26, 2015

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835–1921) Symphony No. 3, Organ Symphony I am reading through Michael Steinberg’s The Symphony: A Listener’s Guide and listening to the works he describes. Steinberg has picked 118 symphonies for his book. I’ve listened to 15 of them, (…)

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Solti’s Handling of Elgar’s First (Symphony Studies No. 1 of 118)

by Glenn on June 25, 2015

One of my long-term projects is to read through the late Michael Steinberg’s The Symphony and listen to the works he describes. I first encountered Steinberg’s writing

The “Resurrection” on Resurrection Sunday

by Glenn on April 7, 2015

I dream of the day that the worship at church is more inspiring and less painful. It seems to me that more worship is ruined by a sound person who is hearing impaired and/or wants other people to be hearing (…)

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Music for Tax Season

by Glenn on March 22, 2015

It’s tax season. I know, I should be checking my NCAA bracket and living and dying with each game, but I didn’t actually fill out a bracket. No, no March Madness for me. It’s tax season so I’m getting our (…)

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Mahler 9 | ensemble mini | joolz gale

by Glenn on March 16, 2015

Note: I have included some audio examples in this post. They are small samples of larger works included here for educational purposes in the spirit of fair use. I have purchased and own the recordings that are included here. For (…)

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Abbado, von Karajan, Rattle via Duggan

by Glenn on February 24, 2015

I’ve listened to a particular recording of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony several times over the last couple of weeks. It’s a recording made in September of 1999 by Claudio Abbado and the Berlin Philharmonic.

Chopin’s Nocturnes and an Unfamiliar Artist

by Glenn on February 14, 2015

The other night I had some hours of tedious computer work ahead of me, so I turned for some accompaniment to a collection of pieces that I hadn’t heard in a long time—years, perhaps?—the Chopin Nocturnes.

New Mahler 2 from 1980

by Glenn on November 13, 2014

A little bit of insomnia so I wrapped myself in a down blanket (Portland has some serious “hey, ho, the wind and the rain” going on this morning) and sat down at the computer to write. While I wrote I (…)

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Elgar 1 |Bernard Haitink | Philharmonia Orchestra

by Glenn on August 25, 2014

My Elgar 1 listening obsession continues and here is a recording for the ages. I think I’ve only heard Mahler performances by Bernard Haitink. How great that he crossed the Channel to record English music with an English orchestra—in this (…)

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