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Sing-A-Long Sound of Music

by Glenn on September 29, 2014

Nancy and I attended a Sing-A-Long Sound of Music Saturday night at Cinema 21 in NW Portland. It was delightful, to borrow a Nancyism, a very enjoyable evening. The young lady who hosted was exceptional. (A few years ago, I (…)

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The Venerable Caprese Salad

by Glenn on August 9, 2014

On the list of great things about Portland is this fact: things grow. Summer is a season of incredible harvest, if, of course, you actually planted something. Picking from the garden presupposes planting in the garden.

City 2 City Coffee

by Glenn on August 7, 2014

coffee should taste like it comes from a certain place don’t mask the flavor the choice in roasting: release inherent flavor or burn and mask it “dark-roasting” the beans is a euphemism for burning the coffee These are some of (…)

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