Pimsleur Hebrew | Level One | Lesson 1

by Glenn on August 11, 2021

I’ve taken on a pandemic project of learning Hebrew. It started with wanting to read biblical Hebrew, but has expanded into the desire to learn the Hebrew language. Among other things, I’m slowly but surely working through the Pimsleur Hebrew audio course. I really like it, although it’s a little stressful trying to learn and remember things. I especially enjoy hearing native Israelis speak the language. I’ve heard some native English speakers read the Biblical text and it’s not the same.

One problem: Pimsleur is a completely aural experience. At least I haven’t been able to find any study guides. And I would like a more complete understanding of Hebrew that includes both the written and spoken Hebrew.

Further, it would be nice to be able to practice without having to commit to the 30 minutes.

So this is my study guide to go along with the Pimsleur Hebrew course. I have left off transliterations as I need to practice my reading.

Level One | Lesson 1



Excuse me | סְלִיחָה

Understand (male) | מֵבִין

Understand (female) | מְבִינָה

I, me | אֲנַי

You (male) | אַתָּה

You (female) |אַתְּ

No | לֹא

Yes | כֵּן

Hebrew (the language) | עִברִית 

English (the language) | אַנגְלִית

a little | קְצָת

American (male) | אֲמֶרִיקָאִי



(These are some of the things you should be able to say following Lesson 1.)

Excuse me



Understand (both male and female)


You (male and female)



You understand. (male and female)

Do you understand? (male and female)

Do you understand (male and female) Hebrew?

Do you understand (male and female) English?

I understand (male and female) a little.

I understand (male and female) English.

I understand (male and female) Hebrew.

I understand (male and female) a little English.

I understand (male and female) a little Hebrew.

American (male)

Are you (an) American? (to a man)