The Venerable Caprese Salad

by Glenn on August 9, 2014

On the list of great things about Portland is this fact: things grow. Summer is a season of incredible harvest, if, of course, you actually planted something. Picking from the garden presupposes planting in the garden.

Take quality, fresh ingredients and it’s hard to miss making a great dish. Here is the caprese salad from last night. We had steak salad for dinner last night, so this was kind of a pre-salad salad.

Five ingredients plus a dash of salt:

Tomatoes—fresh from the garden.

Basil—fresh from the garden.

Fresh mozarella—went with the grocery store on this one. No room for a cow.

Olive Oil (“EVOO” as Rachel Ray says it)—from Italy, naturally. (Well, I hope it’s from Italy. It’s tough to know because sometimes “from Italy” means the olives were brought from Spain and processed in Italy. But this was a spendy bottle so I’m thinking it’s Italian.)

Aged Balsamic Vinegar—also from Italy. Pretty sure.

A photo of a caprese salad, including ingredients from our garden.

Five ingredients—tomatoes, basil, fresh mozarella, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar—plus a dash of salt make for good eating.

Buon appetito.

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